Christmas 2017: First on our own, first in Raleigh

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I wanted to share a bit about my wife’s and my first Christmas in Raleigh, and our first Christmas just on our own! We were fortunate to have a break spanning from the evening of Friday, December 22nd through Tuesday December 26th.

On Friday night, we spent the evening with two of our best friends’ place in town, having dinner and talking about a multitude of topics, not limited to the NFL and Colin Kaepernick, what our Saturday routine is, and best names for potential future generations of our families. Rebecca made some great buffalo chicken dip and some bacon wrapped sausage links – perfect holiday food: excellent in taste, minimal in being healthy.

The Eve of Christmas Eve

Our Saturday was pretty laid back – we had a slow morning and went to an early lunch at a highly recommended barbecue place in town called Clyde Coopers BBQ. And boy, was it a great experience (we tried the ribs if you’re curious).

Not only was it a delicious meal, it was one of pretty large portions that we had about half the food we had to take home. Add to that it was very reasonably priced – I think we have found a regular place to frequent. Especially because from where we live it is just about 10 minutes away.

Coming back home, we watched a few episodes of Fuller House’s latter half of Season 3, which just dropped on Netflix this weekend. Becca then went on to make some snacks to munch on for the rest of the break, as pictured here! (Needless to say, she’s great at this – which comes at no surprise if you’ve seen my size.)

Then in the evening, we got to go enjoy a local Christmas light show! It was way too short to drive through in relation to the 45 minute wait it took us in a car line to enter in, but we’re still glad we went, to give us something in the vein of a Christmas tradition to do. And the lights we did see set up was impressive and looked great!

(Okay, I’m going to keep it simple and list what we did because this could get much longer than is necessary.)

Christmas Eve

  • Christmas Eve service morning at Vision Church
  • Qdoba for lunch – used a BOGO coupon because we’re cheap like that
  • Christmas Eve at Vintage Church
  • Watched Jingled All The Way for the first time!
  • Watched Collider’s Star Wars Championship broadcast
  • Lost twice at HQ Trivia

Christmas Day 2017

  • Farmers Casserole for Breakfast
  • Played a game of monopoly online
  • Opening gifts
  • Played monopoly again with my brother
  • Prepared and had lunch
  • Took a nap
  • Watched a couple of more episodes of Fuller House
  • Continued my ongoing reading of Superman graphic novel “Up, Up and Away”, and started on “Ready Player One”, a gift from my in laws!
  • Lost twice at HQ Trivia

Boxing Day 2017

  • Had more of Farmers Casserole for breakfast
  • Watched Rogue One
  • Had Clyde Cooper’s BBQ leftovers
  • Watched Becca play a few rounds of Battlefront while listening to my backlog of Giant Bombcast podcast episodes
  • Lost twice at HQ trivia

At this point of the break on the evening of the 26th, I am finishing up on this post. I’m hoping that those of you reading this have had a good Christmas break, whether it be with celebration and a lot of family, or a more simple one or one without many loved ones around.

Finally, I would only urge to skeptics of this season (as someone who is often a skeptic of it myself) that you would consider Christ primarily as you investigate why Christmas exists. Thanks for taking the time to read this!


Habit forming is hard and just one take on The Last Jedi

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This is my second post after a long time trying to get back in the practice of blogging regularly. I won’t lie, it is hard to get back in the habit of doing it when not having done it for a while. However, I have previously enjoyed writing if even just for helping my own thinking, and so I want to do this again to refine my own critical thinking and analytical skills. Also, I hope for it to be a constructive way to share some of my interests and fandoms and be a more thoughtful consumer of the media all around us.

This past weekend, on Saturday morning specifically, my wife and I got to go watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi on its opening weekend. However, we hadn’t planned to go watch it well in advance, and ended up having to scrounge for what’s left in terms of seats for what was a very packed weekend. Not to mention we try to go to a very popular theater in our city Raleigh, the Cinemark Raleigh Grande. As a result we found ourselves in the second row from the front – in those rows that people usually try to avoid.

Boy, was it kind of overwhelming to watch the two and a half hour long movie that close. I will abstain from sharing any spoilers or even much thoughts or opinions, because honestly I think I would like to watch it again before I definitely decide how I land in terms of an overall take. But on an initial level, I was glad to go watch it – and budget allowing, I’d like to watch it again soon. The only thing I do want to share from the movie is that Porgs are adorable (pictured above)!

But that’s all for this blog post – I want to focus on a small, simple goal when it comes to blog post length so that I can do it in a sustainable way. I hope that with time I will have opportunities to write in a deeper, more detailed manner. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and hope you will have a good holiday season if you don’t come across any post of mine in the upcoming week or so!