Going to practice blogging regularly again

Have a domain with my own name, but if I don’t put it to use, who else is to blame?


In the last few years, I have been more reliant on social media spaces like Twitter and Instagram to share thoughts, opinions and thinly veiled rants about various topics I had been interested in. They do have their value, and I don’t plan on abandoning them to share exclusively on my blog. I hope that with the new year on the horizon, this would be a place for me to refocus and revitalize something I used to enjoy doing on the regular.

If there is any of you reading this, I appreciate you checking in and having the interest to do so, if even only of curious to see if I said something controversial or cringe worthy (been guilty of both previously). It shows there’s some level of rapport between you and I and I’m grateful for that – thank you!

Expect my personal topics of interest to come up – DC Comics, hip hop, video games, my community among others. I also encourage you to share your thoughts my way if you’d like. Catch you in the next one.