An Update on Extra Life 2016

Some of you will remember that in early November 2016 my wife Becca and I participated in Extra Life, a fundraising movement supporting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through a 24 hour video gaming marathon(!) that many video game fans like us participated in. Let me tell you as an avid video game fan, even for me 24 hours was brutal – you can ask Becca – I got so burnt out that day that I didn’t really return to my Xbox to play until almost 3 months later!

Specifically, Becca and I were able to raise $500 for our local CMN Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky – Norton Children’s Hospital through the sponsors of our effort. It may not seem like much on its own, but as a whole community effort Extra Life was able to garner over $9.1 million last year to help support local children’s hospitals nationwide. That’s nothing to scoff at! In fact the fundraising Extra Life team I was part of, team Giant Bomb, ended up being one of the top 5 teams in terms of funds raised in 2016!


The folks at Extra Life were kind enough to send me an Extra Life medal for raising $500, but I want to make sure I give credit to the few supported who helped up reach our milestone – we couldn’t have raised together what we did without your generosity.

Please know that however little or much you have helped with, its people like you that made Extra Life 2016 a resounding success to support family of sick children. While some mock or don’t value the merit of a video game based charitable fundraiser, I hope those of your friends and loved ones reading this will be inspired and proud of the part you played to help heal kids with Extra Life.


Me thinking of the scoffers after seeing how much Extra Life raised in 2016. (GIF: Jeff Gerstmann of and aka




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