Thoughts on #MuslimBan by an immigrant Christian

As an immigrant from Saudi Arabia and my native country India, I was a green card holder from 2006-2016 before I became a US citizen. To think of other fellow immigrants that may be restricted in traveling or immigrating due to their religious affiliation (or nation of origin motivated by it) is infuriating.

Times like these, it is clear that I stand in solidarity more with Muslims in America than many of my fellow Christians here. This is a solidarity that is built on my experiences as an immigrant myself and on my lifetime of relationships and experiences with Muslims across India, Saudi Arabia and here in the US. Teachers, best friends growing up, classmates, family friends, coworkers of parents, neighbors – there’s so much that my family and I have benefited from people who identify as Muslims.

Not to mention, to be against Muslims is often code to be anti-ethnic minority (targeting those of Middle Eastern and South Asian origin). I’ve been assumed to be a Muslim before – want to take a guess why? 🤔

If your first response to my thoughts so far is “but ISIS”, I’d wonder if you truly know what many Muslims feel about this. This is painful reality for Muslims to come to terms with before all others. And yet, to be honest, I’ve seen far more Muslims struggle with the problem of violent radicalization than (white) Christians with radical racism.

Have skepticism about Islam being a religion of peace, fellow Christian? What about others’ skepticism of Christianity being a religion of equality based on the history of the church endorsing colonialism and slavery of people of color? My point being we all got skeletons in our closets and it’s not so clear cut, real talk.

I don’t have to theologically align with Islam to affirm Muslim people as humans worthy of any and all freedoms that I enjoy being a Christian. You don’t either.


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